Roy Moore Lobster Co.

My first stop in Rockport was Roy Moore Lobster Company. I was so hungry when I arrived, I could not wait to eat.

Photo Sep 04, 11 59 36 AM

Roy Moore Lobster Company is a little “hole in the wall” place, with a small menu, but perfect for what it is. You can get a lobster, a lobster roll, chowder, salmon and a few other items.

Photo Sep 04, 11 59 43 AM

I ordered the lobster roll which came with a bag of chips. After getting my food, I went to the patio in the back. The patio is not huge, but if you walk past all the tables to the harbor, you can sit on the ledge or wood pallets and have great views of the boats and Motif #1. It was gorgeous out. The lobster roll was so delicious. I was so happy there was no celery in the mix, because I am not particularly fond of celery mixed in. I like celery, just not with my lobster.

Photo Sep 04, 12 06 20 PM

Have you been to Roy Moore Lobster Company? What did you think of it?


VOGE Presents: Tangoella Fashion & Dance Show

I had the opportunity to attend Tangoella‘s fashion show presented by VOGE at Ascend Boston! Ella Tang, founder of Tangoella, was debuting her fall line, as well as promoting her Day to Dance Kickstarter.

Ascend Boston is one of my new favorite venues – I love the exposed brick and the archways!

Photo Aug 27, 7 58 08 PM

What I love about Tangoella’s fashion shows is there are dance numbers incorporated with the show. The night will begin with a dance, then a round of the line, another dance, another round, etc. All the dancers are amazing and have great numbers to show off.

Photo Aug 27, 8 26 12 PM

Our host for the night was Sterling Golden of Sterlingtology Live morning show on WEMF Radio.

Photo Aug 27, 8 29 25 PMPhoto Aug 27, 8 49 37 PMPhoto Aug 27, 8 52 00 PMPhoto Aug 27, 8 53 16 PM

Aren’t the dancers phenomenal!? They’re amazing!

Photo Aug 27, 9 08 40 PM (1)Photo Aug 27, 9 10 12 PMPhoto Aug 27, 9 10 41 PM

I had a great time at the fashion show and loved all of the pieces! They were all perfect for fall!

Dot2Dot Café

1739 Dorchester Ave. | Boston, Massachusetts | 02124 | Menu

Sunday morning brunch, what could be better? Not too much.

This week, I went to Dot 2 Dot Café. This place was incredibly cute. They only serve breakfast and lunch, but it’s a place you need to stop in. They have a kids corner with a sofa and games for kids to play with. There is also a book, cards and game corner where you can buy a book, a card or a game!

I chose to order the brioche french toast with egg and bacon. You can choose how you like your egg to be cooked. You can also choose between bacon and sausage. Everything was so delicious. The bacon was perfectly crispy, the eggs were perfect and the french toast was amazing! Sadly, mimosas are not offered at Dot 2 Dot Café, so I had the Mash Pomegranate / Blueberry. It’s a fusion sparkling water and was very delicious!

Photo Aug 28, 9 02 02 AM

Have you been to Dot 2 Dot Café? What was your favorite item?

Have a brunch recommendation? Let me know where I should go!

A Few of My Favorite Pismo Beach Treasures

Another day, another gorgeous coastal town. Pismo Beach is the essential tourist beach town on the Central Coast.

No matter how “toursity” Pismo is, it’s still one of my favorite places to go to. My summer vacations were spent in Pismo, day trips spent in Pismo… So now, I’m going to share with you my favorite things about Pismo.

One | The Beach

If you’re going to go to Pismo, you’ll have to enjoy the beach. Walk it, stake out a spot.. whatever you do, spend the day at the beach! Soak up the sun!

My favorite beach activity is collecting seashells. Depending on the time of day you may find a lot of seashells, or you may find very little. If you find a whole clam that is shut, attempt to save the little guy by throwing him back into the ocean – it’s against the law in California to take whole, unopened clams from the beach.

Photo Jun 27, 2 59 49 PM

Two | Camping

Camping is the best way to enjoy your stay in Pismo. North Beach Campground is my favorite campground {I learned how to ride my bike there}. Most of the campgrounds are not a far walk from the beach. Easy access to the beach, what could be better?

North Beach also has a monarch butterfly cove. It’s so gorgeous to see the butterflies fluttering around or hanging out on the the branches. Look closely, because when they aren’t flying, they look like leaves on a branch. The best time to see the butterflies are November through February. Even if it’s not butterfly season, the cove is a great place to take a walk.

Three | The Pier

Don’t feel like walking on the beach? Take a walk along the Pier. You’ll get great views of the beach and ocean. You can observe fisherman trying to bait a fish from the pier or surfers trying to catch that perfect wave.

Photo Jun 27, 3 31 00 PM

Four | The Caves

This is a little known fact, but if you walk to the end of the beach (to the right of the pier), you’ll discover caves. Depending on what the tide is like, you’ll be able to discover quite a few. The last time I visited, I was only able to go inside one of the caves. The caves aren’t very deep, so you won’t get lost in them. However, it is cool to investigate.

Photo Jun 27, 2 56 55 PM

Five | The Food

There are so many local eateries to stop by when you’re in Pismo. Be sure to grab a cinnamon roll from Old West Cinnamon Rolls – they have the best cinnamon rolls on the planet. Hoagies and Brad’s are located near the Pier and are both fantastic. One place that is constantly busy, but has the best clam chowder in Pismo is The Splash Café. If you’re looking for ice cream in Pismo, stop by The Scoop! It’s a small ice cream store with the best ice cream!

Photo Jun 26, 10 58 26 PM

Six | Painted Clams

Throughout Pismo there are clam statues. During the holidays, the clams are painted. They become turkeys, pumpkins, snowmen, a flag for 4th of July and much more! Once the holiday is over they are painted to the original beige color.

Have you been to Pismo Beach? What are your favorite things about Pismo?

How to Make Guacamole

Who doesn’t love fresh guacamole? I love fresh guacamole. The only down fall to making fresh guac in Massachusetts is having to pay so much for avocados. Yes, I’m still complaining about the price of avocados here. But I will not go into trying to pick the best avocados.

What you need:

  • Avocados
  • Lime


  • Cilantro
  • Tomatos
  • Onions

Photo Aug 06, 3 31 47 PM

Step One | Cut the avocado

After opening the avocado, you’ll need to remove the pit. After that, slice the avocado into a grid. Scoop all the insides into your bowl.

Photo Aug 06, 3 33 23 PM

Step Two | Mash the avocado

I used multiple utensils to help mash my avocado. I used a spoon, fork and potato masher. This is the longest part because there is a lot of avocado you need to smash – especially if you’re making it for a party. I mashed one side of the avocado at the time to make it a little easier.

Photo Aug 06, 3 31 36 PMPhoto Aug 06, 3 56 56 PM

Step Three | Add the lime

Squeeze in some lime to add a bit of flavor. Mix it all up.

Photo Aug 06, 4 03 01 PM

If you choose to add tomato, onions and cilantro, add it in and stir it up.

Photo Aug 06, 4 09 43 PM

Ta-da! It’s done and you’re ready to serve it at your next party!