Back Bay Harry’s

142 Berkeley Street | Boston, Massachusetts |02116 | Menu

Back Bay Harry’s is a really cool spot to eat brunch at. Besides having a great brunch option, what I really liked about Back Bay Harry’s is that you can either go dressed up or casual – it all depends on your mood.

I went to Back Bay Harry’s on Easter Sunday with my friend, E. All the items on the menu looked so good. We had a difficult time choosing what we wanted to eat. Did we want the Breakfast Burrito? The flatbread? French toast? Pancakes? Can we get a sampling of everything!? Ultimately, the Graham Cracker Crusted French Toast and Gingerbread Pancakes won.

I had ordered the french toast. It was very yummy. I could not eat the entire portion because I was full! E enjoyed the gingerbread pancakes. We tried a bit of each other’s dishes and both enjoyed what the other had ordered.

Overall, Back Bay Harry’s is a great brunch spot. I definitely want to go back to try more of their menu!


Southern Kin Cookhouse

Assembly Row, 500 Assembly Row | Somerville, MA | 02145 | Menu

I have heard a lot about Southern Kin in Assembly Row. I finally had the chance to make it to this restaurant for a friend’s brunch birthday party {the best kind of brunch!}.

When I saw chicken ‘n waffles on the menu, I knew immediately what I was going to get. 1. I’m at a Southern restaurant and 2. CHICKEN ‘N WAFFLES. So far, this is the best chicken ‘n waffles I’ve had. Let me tell you a little about this ahhhhhmazing plate of food.

Photo Apr 08, 11 57 36 AM

For starters, the waffle is a cheddar-chive waffle. I was a little worried the waffle would be too chive-y, but it did not have as much chive as I thought. Which was great for me as I don’t like a lot of chives. There were three delicious pieces of perfectly fried chicken. They pretty much melted in your mouth. This was topped with Fresno peppers and paired with Fresno pepper-maple syrup and Louisiana honey-hot pepper sauce on the side. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the syrup or pepper sauce as I’m not a spicy person {at all!}, but to my surprise, it was very tasty. I only put a very minimal amount on my chicken ‘n waffles, but it was something different.

Photo Apr 08, 11 57 45 AM

There were other items on the menu that looked delicious as well. I would love to go back to try the Graceland griddle cakes, country fried chicken ‘n eggs, and the malted buttermilk waffle. It all looked so tasty. I would recommend trying chicken ‘n waffles here if you have ever wanted to try it.

Have you been to Southern Kin Cookhouse for brunch? What did you think of it?

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Sweet Life Bakery + Café

2243 Dorchester Avenue | Dorchester, Massachusetts | 02124 | Menu

The Sweet Life Bakery + Café is one of my favorite places. I’ve been quite a few times now and love that I can get something different every time. Plus the menu has something for everyone!

I went with my sister, J, while she was visiting. I love that the Sweet Life Bakery + Café is open and has lots of natural lighting. Depending when you go, you may have to wait for a table, but it’s not a very long wait.

Of course, I ordered a mimosa. The mimosas at Sweet Life Bakery + Café are so good. I definitely feel as though you get your money’s worth here. I like that it does not come in a champagne flute – even though I feel classy. The wine style glass they serve the mimosa in is just as classy.

Photo Mar 25, 11 11 20 AM

I have been on a pancake kick lately so I decided to get their sweet stack which is 3 buttermilk pancakes dusted with powdered sugar. I also ordered strawberry compote for the top of my pancakes. It was top notch.

Photo Mar 25, 11 21 56 AM (1)Photo Mar 25, 11 22 18 AMPhoto Mar 25, 11 24 29 AM

J ordered the sweet life special with ham. It looked quite delicious. She also ordered a latte. She said everything was delicious and enjoyed her meal.

Photo Mar 25, 11 21 53 AMPhoto Mar 25, 11 22 09 AM

Overall, I would recommend going to Sweet Life Bakery + Café. As there is something for everyone.

Photo Mar 25, 11 21 42 AM

I’m always looking for brunch recommendations – let me know if there is someplace I should go!

State Street Provisions

255 State Street | Boston, Massachusetts | 02109 | Menu

My sister and I were going to take a tour of Downeast Cider and decided to have brunch before we went. I checked to see if State Street Provisions served brunch and they did! I was not sure if it would be too busy or not, but we happened to get there right before it started getting busy.

I decided to order the blueberry pancakes while J decided to order today’s farm omelet.

Photo Mar 19, 11 34 12 AMPhoto Mar 19, 11 34 25 AM

The portions were huge – which we were not complaining about. The pancakes were sweet and savory. The blueberries were a perfect touch. The omelet was tasty and the homestyle bread was delicious. The jam that came with the bread was equally as delicious.

Photo Mar 19, 11 34 37 AM (1)Photo Mar 19, 11 34 55 AM

We definitely left with full stomachs. J even had leftovers with her omelet that we took back home. We were both pleasantly happy with our choices and the restaurant. We would recommend going to brunch at State Street Provisions.

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The Friendly Toast

35 Stanhope Street | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

I have finally made it to The Friendly Toast. The most popular brunch suggestion I receive is The Friendly Toast. I went to the Back Bay location with my friend, N.

The Friendly Toast is jam packed as the day goes on. We chose to go to brunch at 10 thinking we would miss the major brunch crowd. However, there was a bit of a crowd and we ended up sitting at the bar downstairs. When we left about an hour later, there was a massive crowd. Be prepared to wait. The wait is worth it.

The Friendly Toast has a vast menu. I had a hard time picking out what I wanted to eat. Once I found chicken and waffles it was over. I knew that is what I wanted to get. N decided to get an omelet. The chicken and waffles came with a chorizo-corn gravy. I am not a huge gravy fan, but the bartender convinced me to get it on the side.

The chicken and waffles were fantastic, as was the chorizo-corn gravy. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I didn’t douse my chicken and waffles in the gravy, but the drizzle was perfection. I would have asked to hold the green onions if I had realized they would be a part of the dish, but lucky, they are easy to pick off and don’t taste too onion-y.

Photo Mar 12, 10 20 38 AMPhoto Mar 12, 10 20 32 AM

N liked her omelet. She picked cinnamon raison toast to accompany her dish. It looks like the bread contains chocolate, but it doesn’t. It’s just the way the bread is cooked.

Photo Mar 12, 10 20 23 AM

Overall, I enjoyed The Friendly Toast. I would go back as there were quite a few items I would have loved to try!

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